Spring Suggestions

The Asparagus…

Green asparagus salad, parma ham and truffle pecorino

Starter 24.00 Frs / Main 36.00 Frs

Green asparagus cream, roasted prawns

25.00 Frs

Asparagus flan with Gruyere fondu, crispy bacon

26.00 Frs

Asparagus ravioli, smoked Provolone and chorizo

32.00 Frs

And also…

Asparagus Pizza

tomato, mozzarella, asparagus, parma ham, basil

26.00 Frs

Warm and cold starters

Raw artichokes salad, olive oil and lemon, parmesan shaving

24.00 Frs

Swordfish carpaccio, green asparagus and lime dressing

Starter 26.00 Frs / Main 37.00 Frs

Tuna tartar, ginger and lime, lettuce salad

Starter 28.00 Frs / Main 38.00 Frs

Sautéed artichoke hearts, octopus and prawns fricassee

29.00 Frs

Poached egg with panko breadcrumbs, cream of Jerusalem artichoke, truffle flavored

24.00 Frs

Green salad

8.00 Frs

Mixed salad

10.00 Frs

Main courses

Sautéed prawns, chili pepper, basmati rice and vegetables

47.00 Frs

Pikeperch fillets with parsley, mousseline potatoes and artichokes

51.00 Frs

Sea bass filet, green asparagus dressing and mashed purple potatoes

48.00 Frs

Sautéed sweetbreads, roasted asparagus and spring juice

46.00 Frs 

Rack of roast lamb, fresh thyme sauce, couscous and ratatouille

49.00 Frs

Beef fillet tagliata on a rucola salad, olive oil

48.00 Frs

Pan-fried beef filet, morel mushroom sauce, potato gratin and vegetables

59.00 Frs

Beef tartar, warm toasts, butter and home-made French fries

42.00 Frs

Pasta and Risotto

Papardelle du Théâtre

saffron cream sauce, cured ham, bolet mushroom, basil

34.00 Frs

Morel tagliatelle

34.00 Frs

Paccheri al pesto, truffle pecorino and sundries tomatoes

29.00 Frs

King crab spaghetti with beans

33.00 Frs

Saffron risotto with green asparagus

31.00 Frs

Gluten free organic penne cooked with our homemade sauce of the moment (cooking time 15 minutes)

Fresh artichoke and tomato tagliolini

33.00 Frs

Fusilli (vegan) with fresh tomato, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic and basil

28.00 Frs

Wood fire oven pizzas

Seasonal Pizza


tomato, mozzarella, goat cheese, dried meat, sundried tomatoes

27.00 Frs

Provola fumé

tomato, mozzarella, smoked provola, cured ham, nuts, basil

26.00 Frs


tomato sauce, garlic, basil, olive oil

17.00 Frs

18 mois

tomato, mozzarella, 18th months Parma ham, burrata with black truffle, basil

33.00 Frs

The Classics

tomate, mozzarella, basilic
19.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, anchois, câpres, olives

23.00 Frs
tomate, mozzarella, jambon cuit, origan
23.00 Frs
4 Stagioni
tomate, mozzarella, jambon cuit, champignons, crevettes, poivrons
25.00 Frs.
tomate, mozzarella, champignons, jambon cuit, origan
24.00 Frs
tomate, mozzarella, tomates fraîches, aubergines, basilic
25.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, roquette, parmesan

25.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, thon, oignon, olives, basilic

25.00 Frs
Quatro fromages
tomate, mozzarella, taleggio, gorgonzola, parmesan
25.00 Frs

tomate, bufala, bolets, tomates cerises, parfumée à la truffe

27.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, crevettes roses, gambas, tomates cerises, basilic
27.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, salami piquant, olives, câpres, origan

25.00 Frs
tomates cerises, mozzarella di bufala, huile d’olive, basilic
26.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, jambon cru, parmesan, roquette

27.00 Frs

tomate, mozzarella, féta, aubergine, olives, basilic
25.00 Frs

mozzarella, artichauts, tomates cerises, olives, parmesan, basilic

25.00 Frs
tomate, mozzarella, merguez, oignon, poivrons, olives
25.00 Frs

For kids up to 12

Creamy Penne

12.00 Frs

Penne with butter

12.00 Frs

Penne with tomato sauce

11.00 Frs

Penne bolognese

14.00 Frs

Ground beef steak with vegetables and French fries

16.00 Frs

Mini pizza Margherita

10.00 Frs

Mini pizza with mushrooms

11.00 Frs

Home made desserts

Cheese plate

15.00 Frs

Cardamom crème brûlée

13.00 Frs

Home-made warm fruits tart, scoop of ice cream (flavor of your choice)

15.00 Frs

Strawberry cup, meringue and double cream,

14.00 Frs

“Guanaja bean” black chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream (preparation time 15 mn)

18.00 Frs

Lemon Tart

14.00 Frs

Discover our “Cocktail Desserts” 15 cl : 14.00 Frs (2 ice cream scoops
4 cl of alcohol, dash of milk…or not)

The Capri : Lemon sherbet, Limoncello
The Dark ‘n Fluffy : Chocolate ice cream, Amaretto Disaronno
The Salted B : Salted butter caramel ice cream, Baileys Irish Cream

Home made ice creams

Scoop of Ice Cream
4.50 Frs
Bourbon vanilla / Double cream and meringue / Salted butter caramel / Pistachio
4.50 Frs

Colombian coffee / Bulgarian yogurt / Chocolate / Iced chestnuts

4.50 Frs
Sherbets : Apricot / Lemon / Mango / Strawberry / Prune / Rhubarb
4.50 Frs
Coupe Danemark (vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream)
14.00 Frs
Café glacé (coffee ice cream, expresso, whipped cream)
14.00 Frs.

Coupe des Moines (sherbet drizzled with an alcohol of your choice)
Génépi des moines Chartreux, yellow or green Chartreuse

14.00 Frs